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Platinum Leisure Battery 110Amp

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Thick-Grid Technology Platinum Leisure batteries feature a plate construction that packs more active material in each cell increasing electrical capacity and improving the deep cycling capability.

They have Envelope Separators - Platinum Leisure batteries utilise a micro-porous polyethylene separator that fully encloses each battery plate providing greater resistance to vibration and extending service life.

Enhanced Safety:

  • Labyrinth-Lid Technology - during normal operation a lead-acid battery generates a small volume of hydrogen gas. Platinum Leisure batteries feature a degassing system that channels all gasses through a single point allowing any emissions to be exhausted externally from the boat or caravan for added safety.
  • Flame Arrest - each Platinum Marine and Leisure product has a device located within the degassing system that protects against the risk of gas combustion within the battery from an external source of ignition. This increases the on-board safety allowing the battery to be located within the living area of the boat or caravan.

Added Convenience:

  • State of Charge Indicator - Platinum Marine and Leisure batteries come complete with a device that provides an easy to comprehend visual indication of the batterys condition. This useful feature prevents the battery being used when in need of topping-up or charging.
  • Tough carry handle - each battery has a tough plastic carry handle to improve portability
  • Replacement warranty - a full free replacement warranty as standard. Conditions apply.
  • Battery type - wet open flooded
  • Terminal type - T1
  • Voltage - 12 volts
  • Ampage - 110 amps
  • Length - 350mm
  • Width - 175mm
  • Case height - 225mm
  • Total height - 225mm
  • Weight - 24.85kg
  • Warranty - 2 years

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