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Our Waste


As a small business we are always trying to do our bit for the environment  and are constantly assessing where we can make changes along the way to do our bit.

As a business we of course produce waste, however we are proud to partner with CSH Environmental a local company who collect our waste as we need rather than weekly like many companies therefore reducing the need to drive a truck to us for half a bin full saving on unnecessary journeys and as a local company our waste travels less than 6 miles to be sorted and recycled at their state of the art centre. Along with the team at CSH we have a Zero Landfill policy. As a company we produce no landfill waste with it all being recycled.


We try and reuse all the boxes we receive our goods and products in and then send them back out to you with your order from us. Please don't be surprised if you get a colour box with a picture of a chair on it when you ordered a table, or if you get a box that says Vango on the outside but you ordered a Dometic product!!

We do put a label on to say its a recycled box and to please look inside first. We will often cut down boxes to fit your order to make sure that we minimise any other packaging we use to protect your order.

We do purchase a few boxes for odd items we need to ship that don't fit into other boxes we recycle. These again are sourced from a local company (only 3 miles away) and are sourced "FSC certified" which means the cardboard has been certified by The Forest Stewardship Council and came from sustainably harvested forests in its production


    At the moment there is only a limited choice of products made using recycled available to us in the camping and caravan industry however these products are always looked at by us and considered for part of our offering and one or major supplier Vango is now producing tents, camping furniture and sleeping bags made from recycled plastic bottles which in the case of the tents in our tests seem to out-perform "virgin material" products.


Can You go Greener Camping?

Campers by nature love the outdoors if not we would not be doing it. We can all do our bit and help protect our planet.

You don't need to go far to have a great time in the outdoors, there are always great camp-sites closer to home than you realise and if you want to do something a bit different then explore the Greener Camping Club which for a small membership fee gives you access to inspected and certified green sites.