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Streetwize 4Amp 6/12V Smart Battery Charger

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This smart charger can charge both 6V and 12V batteries at a maximum charge power of 4 Amps.

This charger has a unique microprocessor which monitors the battery level so that it adjusts the charge power, preventing the battery from getting overcharged.

This smart charger follows a three-step process:

  • Bulk Charge: If the battery charge level is low or flat, the battery charger will provide its maximum charge power.
  • Absorption: Once the battery level is at 80%, charge power is reduced to the point where the battery is absorbing a steady charge.
  • Float: The charge power is further reduced to a slow trickle charge when the battery level is at 95%.

When the battery level is nearly full, and the battery is still connected to the charger, the charger will automatically keep the battery full without overcharging it.

The charger features a LCD display that shows the current charge level. It also features four charge modes: car, motorcycle, trickle and winter. The winter charge mode is for charging the battery during cold conditions when more charge power is required. The trickle charge provides a slow charge for maintaining and optimising the battery level.

Suitable for SLA [Sealed Lead Acid], Wet/Flooded [Liquid Electrolyte], GEL, AGM & MF.

  • An intelligent battery charger that follows a three step process
  • For use with Car, 4x4, Van, Motorcycle, Caravan/Motorhome, Leisure & Marine Batteries
  • Ideal for vehicles in storage
  • Four charge modes: car, motorcycle, trickle & winter
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • 6V/12V 4 Amp
  • Battery capacity compatibility: 3 to 120 AH

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