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Knife, Fork, Spoon Set

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Knife, Fork, Spoon Set

The Knife, Fork, and Spoon Set -eEver had one of those moments where your kids have come home with a list of camping equipment for Guide or Scout camp and one of the items reads 'KFS Set'?  Well, we have, and no, sadly it doesn't mean Kentucky Fried Shrimp.

KFS is, of course, the Knife, Fork, Spoon Set which every child needs, along with the usual enamel mug or plate. Naturally, the set isn't just for kids and its lightweight style and simple design make it ideal for a backpacker, festival goer, or camper to include among their essential camping accessories.

The three implements clip together with two simple rivets, and the knife has the added advantage of having a bottle opener incorporated into its design. We know all too well how easy it is to remember the key pieces of camping gear and forget the little essentials, such as a bottle opener, mug, or spare batteries, so it is an inspired extra addition to a handy cutlery set.

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