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Cadac Carri Chef 50 BBQ/Plancha-Chef Pan Combo

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The Carri Chef 50 is an easy to build, easy to use barbeque. The powerful round stainless steel burner with piezo ignition offers finely-adjustable temperature control, ensuring consistent results on the grill. Lid off for grilling, lid on for indirect oven-type cooking. The dome lid has a sensitive temperature gauge which allows you to oven roast, smoke meats, steam or bake with absolute confidence.

GreenGrill: Made from an organic ceramic, the GreenGrill coating is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Improved durability, scratch resistance and coating hardness separate the GreenGrill from traditional non-stick coatings without compromising on the ease of cleaning. Green Grill withstands higher temperatures, distributes and retains heat better, resulting in lower gas consumption.

ThermoGrill: Cadac portable barbecues exclusively house the leading grill technology; the ThermoGrill. Cadac BBQ grill tops (circular) now have an innovative integrated heat deflector. This negates the need for a flame tamer and delivers even heat distribution across the grill surface. This will improve the quality of your cooking and reduce gas consumption by approx. 34%

Cooking surfaces included:
  • 47cm Ceramic non-stick BBQ/Plancha Surface
  • 45cm Ceramic non-stick Chef 2 Pan
  • 46cm Nickel plated Pot Stand
  • Dome Lid with fitted thermometer
  • Average operating pressure - 28mBar & 50mBar
  • Dimensions - 97cm x 97cm x 93cm (assembled), 33cm x 57cm x 57cm (packaged)
  • Weight - 12kg (approx.)
  • Gas consumption - 270g/h

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