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Vango Galaxy Eco Rechargeable 60 Lantern

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Vango Galaxy Eco Rechargeable 60 Lantern

The Vango Galaxy Eco Rechargeable 60 Lantern is an easy to use wind-up lantern ideal for lighting up a specific area when stationary, whilst its folding handle makes it perfect for moving around the campsite in darker evenings. It can be wound up to provide light, or charged by its solar panel which makes this a great eco friendly light that is perfect for your camping holiday. DC car adapter and UK plug included.

  • 36 LED - 60 lumens of light
  • Multi-mode lighting options
  • Solar Panel - charge by sunlight
  • Folding handle with hanging hook - easy to carry, store or hang
  • Built in wind-up charging - instant light anytime
  • Built in rechargeable battery
  • Car adaptor included - recharge from the car
  • UK plug included - charge from the mains electricity

Pack size - 15cm x 27cm x 15cm (L x H x W)

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