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What Do I Need to Take Camping?

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1: Safety

It is always a good idea to take a small first aid kit as you never know when bumps, bruises or burns are going to appear.

2: Lighting

This depends on whether the campsite provides electric or not. If it does and you have your electric hook-up kit, why not make the most of it and take an electric light so you don't run the risk of running out of batteries. If you don't have the luxury of electric there are some very bright camping lanterns now available with more than enough run-time from of a set of batteries to last a weekend.

3: Sleeping

We always recommend that you try out anything you are going to sleep on as you would your bed at home, as there are many different options. You can choose between camp beds, airbeds or self-inflating mats. All feel different to lie on and all suit everyone's different requirements. When it comes to sleeping bags there are a lot to choose from they are mostly temperature-rated nowadays and this makes life a lot easier as you normally know what the weather is generally going to be doing when you go away. If you only go when it's hot there is nothing wrong with the duvet from home.

4: Cooking

There are a wide range of different cookers available now in the camping industry; you can now go down the traditional route of a gas double burner and grill, or the electric route of double burner electric hobs, to ovens & griddles all at low wattage to run off your electric hook-up. All are as good as each other but with electric you are always relying on there being an electric pitch available at the campsite you choose, which can be tricky in high season. So it could be best to always have a little single gas burner just in case.

There are lots of sets of pans available in the market so just make sure - the same as you would at home - that they are big enough so you're not limiting yourself to what and how much you can cook whilst away. If there is an old pan set in the cupboard at home that you don't use anymore why not take that?

5: Cooling

This is where it can get a little bit tricky if you're not on electric hook-up. You will have to rely on either the campsite being able to re-freeze your ice blocks for you, otherwise purchase a very well-insulated cool box that will keep cool for a weekend at least. If you have tried both of those and failed there is also the option of 3-way fridges that run from 12v Mains & Gas that work just like your fridge at home and will have no problem cooling your food. When you go to a campsite and you're on electric hook-up you can purchase cool boxes that run from a 12v supply and then buy an adapter to change the end to a plug for your hook-up. Just always remember with cool boxes that they work best when full as they circulate air to cool so the less air there is inside your box, the better it will cool.

6: Fun

Sometimes it's hard to avoid the nightmare of turning up at a campsite to discover there are no children's activities or playground - so why not take your own entertainment just in case?

The most popular games for the campsites are:

  • Swingball
  • Soft cricket
  • Boules
  • Kite flying

Many sites do not allow footballs as these can travel quite fast and damage other people' s tents or caravans what can end up being costly.

7: Glamping

Glamping must-haves include:

  • a carpet for the tent
  • inflatable chairs
  • electricity supply
  • portable radio

If you have had a glamping holiday and have ideas for this list please let us know so we can add them here!

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