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Alde Antifreeze Fluid 1 litre

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Alde Antifreeze Fluid 1 litre

Alde Premium G13 is compatible with the blue 2-year antifreeze* used by most UK caravan and motorhome manufacturers, and can be used for topping up. Improving on the previous G12++ specification, Alde Premium G13 Antifreeze provides the same benefits but with a manufacturing process that’s kinder to the environment. Alde Premium G13 is ready to use, pre-mixed with deionised water, and does not require further dilution and is ideal for topping up Alde central heating systems

  • Capacity: 1 Litre
  • Concentration: 50:50 (ready to use)
  • Frost Protection: -37 degrees C
  • Corrosion Protection: 5 Years

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