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Alcosense French NF Breathalysers

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Alcosense French NF Breathalysers

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Alcosense French NF Breathalysers.

Travelling in France? You'll need the French NF Version! As of 1st July 2012 it is illegal to drive in France without an NF Approved breathalyser in your car. To comply with the law you must have an NF approved device, not just any breathalyser will do. AlcoSense Singles NF are one of only a couple of products worldwide to meet and exceed the NF standard.

When ordering, please choose the AlcoSense Single NF (French Version) in the checkout, not the UK Version. The NF French version is different to the UK version and only alerts you at the French legal limit. The diagram below shows the UK version, the French NF version is the same, only with one indicator line. This is for a pack of two breathalysers.

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