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Wayfayrer Meatballs And Pasta

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Wayfayrer Meatballs And Pasta

Wayfayrer Meatballs And Pasta. Sealed in a robust foil pouch, Wayfayrer pre-cooked boil-in-the-bag meals are easy to carry and very easy to prepare.

To enjoy these meals hot, simply place the pouch into boiling water or empty the contents into a pan and heat up for seven to eight minutes.

Don't worry about using them all up on your first trip - our Wayfayrer meals have a 3-year shelf life!

Nutritional Information (average values per 100g):

  • Energy - 300kj/71kcal, Protein - 4.9g, Carbohydrate - 7.3g, Fat - 2.5g
  • Weight - 300g

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