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Kampa Groove Collapsible Pendant Light

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Kampa Groove Collapsible Pendant Light

The Kampa Groove collapsible lantern is the logical progression from all the collapsible bowls and kettles on the marketplace.

Unlike some of the alternatives from other suppliers the Groove benefits from both 12volt and mains connection as well as having a remote control rather than having to reach up and turn the light off! The dimmer control also means that it could be used as a night light when you are camping for the children in case of those emergency loo runs!

  • Collapses to a super compact pack size
  • 45 super bright LED’s - 450 lumen
  • Adjustable brightness
  • AC230v and DC12V adaptors with leads
  • Remote controlled
  • Complete with suspension carabiner
  • Collapsible silicone
  • Low 9W power consumption

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