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Ice Pack M30

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The Ice Pack M30. Looking for Ice Packs? We may not often get a good-length summer here in the UK, but when we do it can be roasting.  That's why no car load of camping equipment should be without a good cooler or cool box, and part of their magic is a good-sized ice pack.

This Ice Pack is perfect for keeping drinks, food, or even medicines cool for longer, and even a beer or two or a bottle of wine for a relaxing evening.

We find that all too often, Ice Packs are among those small but crucial camping accessories, like batteries and tent pegs that are all too easily forgotten, especially in the summer, so don't get caught out!

They're perfect for hard or soft coolers or coolboxes, and even work well for keeping the kids' packed lunches cool for school trips. They are dishwasher and food safe, making them great for your cool camping kitchen needs.

Just place the pack(s) in the freezer for between 2 and 4 hours before using, until it is completely frozen, then insert it into a passive cooler.

  • Food-safe (non-toxic refrigerant)
  • Dishwasher proof
  • Reusable
  • Components - water, carboxymethyllcellulose, acticide and blue colorant

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