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Hipkiss Eyelet Kits

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Hipkiss Eyelet Kit

The Hipkiss Brass Eyelet Kit is an invaluable item both when away camping, and at home. All too often, you need to repair a torn groundsheet and don't have the means with which to do it. Not any more - these Hipkiss Kits will save you money and give you great satisfaction when the job is done. Each kit contains Brass Eyelets, Rings, and a Punch & Die Set.

  • Available for 3 eyelet sizes:
  • Internal diameter - 9.53mm (3/8”), Pack Qty: 25
  • Internal diameter - 11.11mm (7/16”), Pack Qty: 25
  • Internal diameter - 12.70mm (1/2”), Pack Qty: 15

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