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Campingaz Powerbox Plus 36L 12/230V

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Campingaz Powerbox Plus 36L 12/230V

The Powerbox 36L Plus from Campingaz is an active cooler that can operate off a 12V car plug-in or a 230V electrical outlet (both cables included). Contents can be kept at 19°C below the ambient temperature thanks to the high-performance injected PU foam and the cooler features a control dial with 4 modes, allowing for a choice of performance and efficiency level.

The cooler can be turned off by putting the dial on 'OFF' without the need to unplug the chord and a 'NIGHT' mode reduces the noise level of the fan. An 'ECO' mode can be used, giving an A++ energy rating and 'MAX' mode is available for the ultimate cooling performance.

The cooler also features an Antimicrobial Liner, a powerful protection ensuring resistance to mould and mildew growth inside the cooler and it also blocks unpleasant odours from developing.

Capacity: 36L

Fit: 10 x 1.5l Bottles

Features: Thick, premium PU insulation, runs off a 12V car plug-in or a 230V wall outlet, built in transformer, four mode adjustable cooling performance,locking lid that ‘clicks’ on close, antimicrobial liner, two side handles,assembled in Italy

Insulation: PU

Insulation performance (+/- 1°C): 19 degrees below ambient temperature

Weight: 5.2kg

Outer Dimension (LxHxW): 55.9 x 40.4 x 34.8 cm

Inner Dimension (LxHxW): 46.7 x 29 x 27.5 cm

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