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12 N Trailer-Caravan Plug

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This black 12 N Trailer-Caravan Plug is a replacement for the normal electrics on any trailer or caravan hence the term 'N' plug. This is the traditional 7 pin version as found in the UK; only more recent caravans and cars have the new Euopean 13 pin type configuration.

This allows the trailer, caravan or light board to be wired to the car for the purpose for running indicators and general road lamps while on the move to your holiday destination.

When wiring this replacement the following guide may be useful:

  • Pin 1 - Yellow - L/H indicator lamp
  • Pin 2 - Blue - rear fog lamps
  • Pin 3 - White - earth return
  • Pin 4 - Green - R/H indicator lamp
  • Pin 5 - Brown - R/H tail & no plate lamp
  • Pin 6 - Red - stop lamps
  • Pin 7 - Black - L/H tail & no plate lamp

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