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Next-day delivery UK-wide on all the tents and camping accessories you'll need for the perfect break. Shop online or visit our wonderful store - we have the largest seasonal display of tents in North Essex and Suffolk. Up to 30 tents on display in an outdoor setting and a large well-stocked camping equipment shop with some really competitive prices.

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Our Price: £34.99
Sunncamp 5 in 1 Sofa Bed
5 in 1 inflatable sofa bed is incredibly versatile. Blow it up and fold it out to create a sofa, a bed, a lounger, 2 double beds or extra high camping matress. Ideal for camping or sleepovers this inflatable bed is the ideal cheap furniture for kids rooms. Made up as a sofa or converted to a bed when needed and easily packed away and transported for when you're sleeping away from home.